Public Administration



Nigeria is endowed with an abundance of human and material resources, which if properly harnessed and effectively coordinated, will be the envy of the entire world. At the same time, there are various socio-economic and political problems that inhibit our system's growth and development, particularly in the public sector. These problems can be attributed partly to the lack of efficient public ministration.

Therefore, public administration ought to be concerned with the development and acquisition of skills and knowledge requisite for effective administration of the public sector.



 In view of the above, the Public Administration programme of Godfrey Okoye University will strive towards producing a continuous flow of graduates infused with;

  1. A desire to acquire sound knowledge, proper skills, abilities and competence that will enable
  2. The individual contribute actively to leadership of the Nigerian society. A shared sense of responsibility to behave and work for the common good of the state.
  3. Faith in man's ability to cope with the forces of his milieu.


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