Mass Communication




The department of Mass Communication is under the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences in Godfrey Okoye University. The department offers a 4 year programme for the award of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree. The philosophy of Mass Communication is influenced by the university’s motto “Unity of Knowledge”, we will therefore create a Mass Communication programme that is capable of transforming the society for the good of humanity. It is our goal to build a Mass Communication programme that will equip graduates to impact positively on the lives of individuals, the nation and the world at large based on the principles of unity. The programme is charged with the responsibility of incubating, hatching and grooming students who would be good mass communicators, knowledgeable in theories that seek to explain models and processes that uncover behavioural patterns in the lives of people.


1. Offer an undergraduate professionally oriented programme for the aspiring Nigerian journalists, communicators, broadcasters, public relations and advertising practitioners.
2. Train and/or retain Nigerian journalists, broadcasters, public relations and advertising practitioners for leadership positions in the mass media organizations both in Nigeria and other parts of the world.
3. Raise and sustain the professional status of journalism in Nigeria.
4.  Raise the standard of the English language competence of the students to a level accepted in the English speaking world.
5. Provide the mass communication students with the opportunity to master the art of communication, whether in writing or broadcasting for an online website.
6. Instill in the mass communication students the ability to respect deadlines and work under pressure
7. Train students to appreciate the beauty of literary works and the power of human language.
8. Train and encourage Nigerian mass communicators to be effective communicators by being able to think quickly, research creatively and write or broadcast concisely to the mass audience.


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