International Relations



The department of International Relations is under the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences in Godfrey Okoye University. This department offers a four year programme for the award of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree with focus at producing a flow of competent and confident graduates whose minds are well developed and who are intellectually sound in the field of International Relations, capable of propounding useful theories that can proffer solutions in national and international politics.


1. To stimulate in students an appreciation of theories in International Relations and other tools of analysis, and applications in different contexts at the national and international level.
2. To develop in students the ability to apply their international relations theories, analytical tools, knowledge and skills to the solution of problems in international politics.
3. Provide students with a broad and balanced knowledge with practical skill in International Relations.
4. Develop in students a range of skills that are relevant to the both Governmental and non-Governmental agencies at home and abroad.
5. Provide students with relevant knowledge and skills for further studies in International Relations as a multi-disciplinary field of study.
6. Generate in students the appreciation of the importance of international relations in a national, political, economic and social development on the one hand and in the maintenance of global peace and security on the other.



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