Accounting is a department of the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences in Godfrey Okoye University. The department offers a four year degree (B.Sc.) in Accounting. The B.Sc in Accounting is acquired through course work and an original research project successfully executed by the students in their respective programmes. The department is well manned by highly qualified and experienced academics and administrative staffs.



  1. Accounting aims at developing the necessary financial tools that will enable the individual occupy managerial positions in the government and private sector establishment as well as room for self-employment. Commercial banks, insurance companies, finance and investment companies, brokerage firms, commerce and industries are relevant areas into which they can fit successfully.
  2. The curriculum will enable the student to appreciate the significance of the capital expenditure decisions that are necessary for sustainable economic growth. Emphasis is also placed on thrift management through courses in personal financial management.
  3. At the completion of four years of rigorous academic work, the students of Accounting must have acquired the necessary knowledge to cope with the challenges of the wider society.


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