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Dean’s Message

GOODWILL MESSAGE TO STUDENTS It is my singular privilege and honour to convey my maiden message of goodwill to our beloved students of Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu; in my capacity as the incumbent Dean of the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences. I welcome all students, old and new, to this citadel of learning where we endeavour to mould the character of our young students, as we teach them the various courses, blended with discipline, extra-curricular activities, religious and social events, in our bid to attain the desired Unity of Knowledge. For some of our fresh students who are learning the homes of their parents for the first time, our boarding system will enculturate them into the new world of communal coexistence, mutual tolerance, interpersonal and inter group relationship, aimed at making them better citizens in a world of intercontinental interdependence and mutual cooperation. The Faculty of Management and Social Sciences, consisting of six academic departments, is presently the largest in staff and student population. We hope and pray that with the blessing of the divine providence, we will aspire to remain the central pillar of the university and primus inter pares in academics, social events and extra-curricular activities in the near future. The records of our students within and outside the university, are evidential testimonies of their outputs, as well as eloquent manifestations of our inputs. Whenever GO-UNI asks the thought-provoking question, where is the evidence?; we should be able to portray the parole, eye witness, circumstantial or documentary evidence of leading by example in our various places of contact and the community at large. Furthermore, we should demonstrate by our comportment under the principle of res ipsa loquito, (the matter speaks for itself); that we truly drank from the rich fountain of knowledge which Godfrey Okoye University offers. By their fruits you shall know them. My personal advice to the older students especially the extra year students is simply this  Do not be the afternoon farmers of yester years.  Do not let a serpent sting you twice  Do not be the deaf locust which is easily carried away as an easy prey by the noisy bird, “okpoko”.  Do not do what your parents and your teachers will be ashamed of.  Avoid bad gangs and companies in and out of campus, but rather belong to focused peer groups and constantly monitor your CGPA and thus predict your excellent results in all their ramification.  Be the best of whatever you are. I wish all our students happy, fruitful and harmonious stay in Godfrey Okoye University, in our avowed determination to become better citizens and future patriotic leaders of our beloved country, Nigeria. Prof. A. Onyema Ocheoha (mni); Ph.D. Dean, Faculty of Management & Social Sciences (Former SSG & Retired Head of Service, Enugu State; Barrister and Solicitor)